The foundation of every great room, 

is not just the right rug, 

it's the right rug company! 

Where Every Thread Tells A Story.


Rugs of the highest quality begin with the strongest fibers. That’s why Palmetto Living makes 

our own yarns at our 550,000 square foot facility in Anderson, South Carolina. 

These yarns go through state of the art looms tocreate consistent quality and unsurpassed strength

 throughout all collections and constructions.  

And because we use only fully-automated, state-of-the-art looms, 

Palmetto Living easily adapts to changing trends and colors to get relevant and sought after 

home decor to the market quickly.  After all, we are dedicated with providing our retailers with a 

diverse selection of area rugs to satisfy even the most discerning consumers.  

Discover the Narrative in Every Stitch.


Step into the Palmetto Living workshop and discover a team of creative craftspeople working hard, 

as a team, to deliver the very best to our end customer. 

The process begins with an original, digital weave pattern that is later transferred directly 

into production through a centralized computer system that communicated to our looms. 

The looms are fed by bobbins loaded onto creels. Because the looms are fully automated, 

the pattern is created independently of the repair and quality inspection that happens as the 

designs are produced. 

After passing inspection, the woven rugs receive a latex backing for stability and finished 

with bullet proof   surging. The rugs are hand cut and edged - with corners finished manually 

with a heat gun - before passing  through additional quality inspections. The area rugs are packaged 

according to customer request and put  through a final quality audit before being stored in 

the warehouse prior to shipping. 

It’s an intensive process that relies heavily on every team member’s dedication to 

producing a superior quality area rug. After all, we know that we’re not just making rugs here in 

Anderson, South Carolina - we’re helping people make a home. That matters.