Teen Rooms for BTS

Thursday, August 08, 2019
Sometime between school, practice and hanging with friends, your teenager will actually return home. Make it a space they love to be with a few quick, easy and affordable updates to their bedroom!  

Zahra area rug in a teen room
You may be a few years removed from your prized boy-band poster collection, but remember . . . a teen’s room is more than a place for study and sleep – although these things are wildly encouraged. It’s also a place for self-expression as they transition out of kid-dom. A  space that helps them figure out who they are, what they love and how they want to show it and share it with the world.

The good news is that a big transformation is possible – with very little money or effort – when you use the best area rug for the space, a can of paint and a few colorful accessories! Here are a few of our favorites: 

The Belmar Royal area rug from the Cotton Tail collection is a soft and sumptuous addition. With an insanely plush pile and touchable face, you’re guaranteed to find your teen – and their friends – lounging on the floor. And, with this rug, that’s no problem. The springy yarn bounces back to hide wear and the easy-to-clean, stain-resistant fibers make resolving spills a breeze.

Belmar Royal area rug in a teen room
Our Hyde Park area rug from the Mystical collection winks at a tie-dye pattern in easy-to-incorporate neutrals. This inspired selection is thoroughly modern with a fresh, young feel. This area rug could easily see your teen through high school and travel on to the college dorm or apartment.

Hyde Park area rug in a teen room
The Ombre Stone area rug – also from the Cotton Tail collection – features an artistic, gradient stripe with the same pillow-like texture as the Belmar Royal area rug. And, because the timeless hues offer style that lasts, this rug can be re-purposed when your teen leaves home.

Ombre Stone area rug in teen room
For students that prefer moodier hues, the Ari Near Black from the area rug is a must. A best-seller from the Cloud 9 collection, this rug’s springy, deep pile offers an unbeatable touch, while the soft striations of gray add essential visual interest that keep the rug from becoming too flat in the space. And, let’s be honest – the dark color is quite appealing for parents worried about staining.

Ari Near Black in a teen room
More abstract in nature, the Canyon Muted Blue area rug from our Mystical collection makes a dramatic statement for your teen’s floor. Artistic strokes of bold lights and darks create a compelling centerpiece that’s grown-up enough to evolve with your child’s style.

Canyon Muted Blue area rug in teen room
A little brighter area rug with a more repetitive pattern, Zula from our Cloud 9 collection provides a soft landing space while maintaining a strong feel. Substantial in construction, this rug offers the perfect place for listening, gaming and, on occasion, study.

Zula area rug in a teen room
It’s easy to see that changing the area rug in a room changes the look and feel of the entire space. If you want a little extra, add an accent wall, wall decals or use a paint treatment.  Of course, bold accessories are also a great way to create a big impact. The end result is a teen room that both of you can agree on!