Smooth as Riverstone

Monday, June 03, 2019
Ready to kick off your shoes for a Netflix binge?
A rug from the Riverstone collection by Palmetto Living is for you!

Yarns made for the Riverstone collection offer superior softness thanks to a special conditioning treatment. Ladies, it’s like your hair with shampoo alone vs. your hair with shampoo, conditioner and serum. Gentlemen, it’s like your leather car seats after 5 years with no attention vs. with leather conditioner. Now that we’re all up to speed, let’s move on.  

Pinnacle Cloud area rug
Anyone who runs a hand across a Riverstone rug reflexively says, ‘Ohhhhhh . . . that’s so soft!” And it is – by design. Palmetto Living area rugs are meant for real life. That’s why we say the Riverstone collection is great for TV and movie rooms. Sit on them, run bare feet over them, bring out the sleeping bags for your kid’s next sleepover . . . they just feel good. And, as a bonus, the soft, supportive nature of the Riverstone collection makes everyone feel at home.

Better still, if one of those kids at the sleepover drops their ice cream or knocks over a can of soda, you’re covered. Riverstone area rugs are woven of fade-resistant, stain-resistant, solution-dyed polypropylene. This means you can spot treat without worry. The fibers actually resist stains and the color won’t come off.  

Zero In area rug
Here’s how it works - the color of Palmetto Living rugs goes all the ways through the rug fiber, it’s not just on the surface like other yarns. Think of it like the difference between a carrot and a radish. The carrot is orange all the way through. The radish is only red on the outside. Palmetto Living yarns are carrots. Our colors won’t wipe off!

Of course, all that touch, care and cleaning information is nice, but we would be remiss to not mention style. Area rugs from the Riverstone collection are absolutely stunning. The designs feature a gorgeous color palette of modern neutrals that work with every décor – with patterns ranging from artistic interpretations of stone to banded sketches reminiscent of cave etchings left by indigenous peoples.

The Riverstone collection by Palmetto Living is a must for designers or retailers in search of an updated offering at an approachable and attractive price point. Shop the collection online as a consumer. Or, if you're a retailer or designer, send a note to to have an account set up for you.