On Cloud 9

Thursday, June 27, 2019
Soft and supple with a luxuriously high pile, the Cloud 9 collection is a study in indulgence. The trouble with it is that there simply aren’t words to convey the exquisite sensory experience of this heavenly textured collection.

To kick off your shoes and step onto a Cloud 9 rug doesn’t just feel good on your feet. It’s an experience that travels up your body and into your soul.

Cloud 9 Ari area rug in Cream
This is thanks, in part, to the rug’s construction. Woven with a thick, 2-ply polypropylene yarn, this collection offers a substantial pile. Measuring more than 1 1/4 – inches, the surface of Cloud 9 area rugs embraces your foot in sublime softness.

But all that softness doesn’t mean that this collection isn’t sturdy. Polypropylene is a stain- and fade-resistant fiber. Area rugs from this collection can tolerate contemporary cleaning, spot treatments for spills as well as foot traffic. They can also withstand sunny rooms, maintaining their color integrity with ease.  

The simple striated and cross-hatched patterns of this collection keep the focus on the feel of our divine creations. Soft gray, warm and toasty beige, deep charcoal and near black provide simple, supple canvases on which to build a most inviting room. Whether a living room, den, bedroom or lounge-space, area rugs from the Cloud 9 collection create the foundation for a more comfortable state of being.

Cloud 9 Zahra area rug in Cream
Atop a Cloud 9 area rug, stress lessens, eyes soften and the space that divides us seems to diminish. Swaddled in the superior softness of this collection, time disappears and gives each of us a chance to reconnect to ourselves, our families and our friends again.  

Cloud 9 Hara area rug in Silver Cream

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