• We Have A Runner! 2/27/2020
    Just when you thought the world of area rugs couldn’t be any more intimidating – here come the runners. For those of you who are new to the area rug game, a runner is a long, narrow rug, typically 2-4 feet wide by 6-12 feet long, intended for use in small spaces. These can match, coordinate with or replace normal area rugs, depending on your design.

  • How Designer Robyn Branch Chooses an Area Rug 11/1/2019
    The best thing about High Point Market is the chance to catch up with fabulously talented friends, like the lovely Robyn Branch, who graciously and freely share the wisdom of their wonderful craft.

  • Rub a Dub Dub . . . How Do I Clean This Area Rug? 8/27/2019
    With the popularity of light and white colored rugs on Instagram and Pinterest, the question our customers most often ask is, “What are these people thinking?” And the answer is astoundingly simple. They’re thinking, “Polypropylene.”

  • Summer's Last Stand 8/27/2019
    In many areas, September is a siren song of back-to-school, cozy sweatshirts and bonfires. But, here in the south, it’s summer’s last stand. Temperatures soar and we watch, with a tinge of envy, as our northern friends don new boots and search out PSLs.

    Bozeman area rug on a dock with fishing accessories
  • Dream Big Dreams Study Space 8/9/2019
    When it comes to establishing good study habits for the new school year, don’t underestimate the importance of a dedicated space. After all, a reliable work area sets the tone and stage for homework and test prep all year round!

  • Teen Rooms for BTS 8/8/2019
    Sometime between school, practice and hanging with friends, your teenager will actually return home. Make it a space they love to be with a few quick, easy and affordable updates to their bedroom!  

    Zahra area rug in a teen room
  • Dorm Life : Rug Style 8/2/2019
    Whether it's your first or last time, there’s nothing quite like moving into the dorm. The energy, excitement and buzz are exhilarating. And then . . . there’s the decorating!

  • Modern Rustic 8/1/2019
    Warm and inviting, the Modern Rustic trend softens the industrial look for a cozy, right-at-home feel. This softened style keeps the clean, sleek, modern lines, but creates a more inviting space with mixed materials. The result is a relaxing space for both mind and body.
  • Back-To-School Style 101 8/1/2019

    Back-To-School isn’t just about new jeans and backpacks! It’s a fresh start. The promise of yet realized potential. An opportunity to design a life in which your child can thrive.
  • Jennifer Adams Interview | SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams 7/19/2019
    Designer Jennifer Adams In anticipation of the SoCal Living area rug collection by Jennifer Adams, I sat down to chat with the designer about the inspiration behind her new line with Palmetto Living. I walked away with a heaping dose of happy anticipation for this rug collection, a bit of advice from the Home guru herself and a deep appreciation for an enjoyable afternoon with a genuinely cool chick.
  • The Cotton Tail Collection 6/27/2019

    The light touch of a floating feather.

    The warm snuggle of a fluffy, purring kitten.

    The weightless dance of a wished-upon dandelion puff.

    How does one begin to improve upon nature’s softness?  

    One doesn't. But, Palmetto Living by Orian did use it as an inspired starting point for creating radical changes to the texture of textiles.

  • On Cloud 9 6/27/2019
    Soft and supple with a luxuriously high pile, the Cloud 9 collection is a study in indulgence. The trouble with it is that there simply aren’t words to convey the exquisite sensory experience of this heavenly textured collection.

  • In Praise of the 5x8 6/26/2019
    In various conversations, the talk always turns – after learning I work for a rug company - to choosing the right size rug for a room. Too often, homeowners feel intimidated about selecting an area rug for fear that the rug will be too big, too heavy, too small, too expensive and so forth. Rightfully so, I’ll add.

    But to these concerns I reply, “You rarely go wrong with a 5-by.”

    Adagio Arrowhead Light Blue
  • Find the Right Size Area Rug for Your Living Room 6/20/2019
    Area rug too big? Too small? Why can't it be just right? 

    Sometimes, finding the right size area rug for your space feels as elusive as a fairy tale. But, we have a few helpful hints to get you a little closer to a decorating happily ever after.
  • SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams 6/17/2019
    Intersected Geo area rug in Natural
    Soft to the touch, visually intriguing and delightfully durable, SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams brings effortless style to your home in a stunning selection of high-low pattern area rugs in timeless neutrals that are sure to please.

  • Global Entry 6/3/2019
    Global Entry Trend Board
  • Smooth as Riverstone 6/3/2019
  • Collection Spotlight: ARIA 5/27/2019
    The Aria collection by Palmetto Living offers a traditional, vintage look and feel without fussy vintage care. 
  • Get to Know Adagio 5/20/2019