Jennifer Adams Interview | SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams

Friday, July 19, 2019
Designer Jennifer Adams In anticipation of the SoCal Living area rug collection by Jennifer Adams, I sat down to chat with the designer about the inspiration behind her new line with Palmetto Living. I walked away with a heaping dose of happy anticipation for this rug collection, a bit of advice from the Home guru herself and a deep appreciation for an enjoyable afternoon with a genuinely cool chick.

PL: I am so excited about your SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams line for Palmetto Living. What inspired you most when designing the line?

JA: The effortless Southern California lifestyle truly impacted everything about this collection -  from care to color I wanted everything to be easy. Right now, I am all about performance fabrics. Nothing comes into my home that’s too precious. That’s why, for this collection, I chose materials that allow for real life moments.

Intersected Geo area rug PL: Yes. Amen! Speaking of real life – tell us a bit about the durability of these rugs. Some of these colors seem a little precarious for life with kids and pets! Can people really have a light-colored rug and other people in the house?

JA: Definitely. That’s one of the things I love most about the SoCal Living collection. It’s incredibly durable. These rugs are made of 100% polypropylene yarns. This type of yarn is stain-resistant – so you don’t have to worry about muddy feet or spills. It’s also fade-resistant thanks to a special UV coating.

PL: UV coating – like sunscreen for the rug fibers? Does that mean your rugs can be used outdoors?

JA: Yes. SoCal Living is an indoor/outdoor line. There is no jute in the backing, which is susceptible to moisture, so it’s okay to use these on the patio, in a sun room or in an interior living area. Like I mentioned before, they’re stain-resistant – so you can even use these rugs in the dining room. My husband and I love to entertain – we really use our home – and I love creating products that allow for that.

Bozeman area rug
PL: Tell me a little about the texture of this rug. It’s different than other rugs people see out there.

JA: This is what’s called a high-low pile – which creates depth and dimension to form the pattern when working within the same or similar color families. The high pile is soft to the touch and the low pile creates the extraordinary durability needed to support day-to-day activities.

PL: So, you think these rugs are okay for high-traffic areas?

JA: Absolutely! Entryways, living spaces, outdoor rooms . . . the SoCal Living Collection for Palmetto Living handles everything beautifully.

Crius area rug PL: And, let’s say that someone does track in dirt or spill their wine. How should we go about cleaning that up?

JA: Obviously, you need to work quickly. What I’ve found with this material is that, often, the spill comes right up by dabbing it with a clean, damp towel. I’ve also handled spills with a mix of water and dish washing liquid. Of course I also turn to specialty cleaning products from the Jennifer Adams Whole House Cleaning Solution – which has dedicated treatments for wine and other stains.

PL: How do you know so much about cleaning?

JA: As a teenager, I cleaned people’s houses as one of my first jobs! That was when I developed an appreciation for surfaces and materials that are easy to clean – not only for enjoyment of a clean home, but also for the health of it.
PL: And the beauty. As a designer, you can appreciate the beauty of clean.

JA: Yes. I want people to have that wonderful feeling of a clean, complete space – a home they will love for years. That’s another hallmark of this collection – these rugs create a beautiful, neutral foundation at an approachable price point that allows people to experience everyday moments in their home.

PL: That’s beautiful – experience everyday moments. So, you think the colors and patterns of this collection can live anywhere?

JA: Because they’re all as easy and effortless as Southern California, they’re easy to mix with every interior and exterior. They’re naturally inspired colors that can serve as a striking statement piece or blend in as a delightful grounding element in the room – especially since they’re not overly patterned.

Flora Bora area rug PL: Talk to me a bit about the patterns.

JA: These pieces have a glorious “global” touch. If you look at Crius, Bozeman and Mandala especially – they have worldly appeal that gives the home that effortless boho chic feel that everyone wants right now.

PL: This sounds amazing. I cannot wait to get one of these for my house.

JA: Why just one?!?! Get the area rug and the runner to extend your style a bit farther or create a “preview” of sorts. Or use several rugs from the same collection in different rooms through your home to help you carry your style throughout!

PL: That’s an excellent point. These rugs have an amazing price point so I can definitely buy more than one.

JA: I wanted this collection to be attainable. If a rug is too expensive, people won’t be able to enjoy it. I want people to really enjoy living their lives on my rugs. That’s why the cost is within reach. This entire collection is extraordinarily approachable.

PL: One last question – if I’m putting a room together, do I choose my rug first or last?

JA: That’s the beautiful thing about area rugs – you can begin or end with a rug. What people need to remember is that rugs complete the space, whether they’re selected first or last. With color and texture at ground level, it creates a frame that connects all the other beautiful elements of the room. The order is optional, the rug is not!
Wavelength area rug
PL: So freeing. I’ve always worried about that and now I can let it go.

If you’re ready to let go of worry and find the freedom that comes from life atop a gorgeous, easy-to-use SoCal Living by Jennifer Adams area rug, check out her collection online.

To learn more about the construction of this collection, visit the SoCal Living blog