The Cotton Tail Collection

Thursday, June 27, 2019

The light touch of a floating feather.

The warm snuggle of a fluffy, purring kitten.

The weightless dance of a wished-upon dandelion puff.

How does one begin to improve upon nature’s softness?  

One doesn't. But, Palmetto Living by Orian did use it as an inspired starting point for creating radical changes to the texture of textiles.

The Cotton Tail Collection by Palmetto Living is a downy line-up of sumptuously soft area rugs designed to provide an impeccably soft foundation from which to build your most welcoming home. In Cotton Tail, soothing colors, easy patterns and dense texture combine to create an unparalleled sensory experience.

Plush and deep, our rugs begin with a premier yarn – a thick and rich 7500 3-ply polyester to be exact. This is the largest yarn the looms in Anderson, SC can handle. And from this exquisite, premium material, our expert craftspeople set about weaving the most impeccable product offering on the market.

Plush and deep, the pile of a Cotton Tail area rug literally envelops hands and feet in indulgent softness. Chubby little baby toes disappear in the thick pile that doubles as a cozy place to sit, relax and play. And while many others attempt to recreate the indescribable hand of this luxe collection, they always fall a little short. And that’s okay. We like it that way!

The fluffy rugs of The Cotton Tail Collection make ideal additions to spaces where creature comforts are of top priority. These area rugs make movie night better, serve as the perfect platform for sleepovers and simply insist on a wardrobe of squishy clothes and bare feet.

Life atop a Cotton Tail rug is a little slower and a lot easier – as these rugs make family and friends want to linger. Savor long conversations over a cup of hot tea or your favorite bottle of wine with toes gently swiping the supple surface. Get lost in the pages of a book with only a pillow to lift your head – as the incredible depth of a Cotton Tail rug is enough to support your back. With cushiony rugs from The Cotton Tail Collection, it’s easy to simply enjoy life at home – safe, secure and warm.