Back-To-School Style 101

Thursday, August 01, 2019

Back-To-School isn’t just about new jeans and backpacks! It’s a fresh start. The promise of yet realized potential. An opportunity to design a life in which your child can thrive.

That’s why we built Back-To-Style rooms from the ground up – starting with a soft, durable area rug that serves as a strong foundation for growing greatness. Plus, by using the same room with several different rugs, you’ll be able to see how much impact each piece has on a single space.

Lesson One: Deep Hues Provide Visual Relief

Ari Near Black area rug in child's room
The sumptuously soft texture of the Ari Near Black area rug from Palmetto Living’s Cloud 9 collection provides a warm good morning and soothing good night to tiny feet. It also creates negative space for the eye, making the room feel larger than it really is. Notice how it almost makes the floor disappear!

To break up the rug’s monochromatic canvas, soft striations and space-dyed shading offers a bit of intrigue to accent other patterns in the room beautifully. And, thanks to its exquisite squishiness, the Ari Near Black area rug serves as a perfect place to play, read or do homework.

If you like the idea of a dark rug, but can’t quite bring yourself to buy black for your baby’s room, try navy. With all of the same visual cues, our Nardik Navy area rug from the Cotton Tail collection also works.

Nardik Navy area rug in child's room

Lesson Two: Color & Pattern Make Great Playmates

Ikat Diamonds area rug in a child's room
Warm and cool tones create a soothing landing space for your favorite student when colors and/or patterns are kept in alignment. To make this look work, color comes first. Here, we used the Ikat Diamonds area rug from the Jennifer Adams Cotton Tail collection. This supremely soothing collection was designed with a comforting touch and feel in mind. After all, the Jennifer Adams line is all about creating a wonderfully soft space that everyone in your family can love,

If the similar color and pattern feel too matchy-matchy for your taste, switch up the pattern, but maintain your tones. For this look, we used the Textured Penny area rug from the Adagio collection.
Textured Penny area rug in a child's room

Lesson Three: Lighten-up with Playful White

Tribal Sketch area rug in a child's room
Light and bright, the Tribal Sketch area rug from the Casablanca collection adds a soft and whimsical touch to your child’s room. With a hand-drawn pattern, this charming centerpiece delights the eye - as well as the hand. And, thanks to its reflective coloring, the result is airy and open.

Additionally, this rug is woven with a supremely soft yarn that receives a unique treatment to provide dynamic texture to the rug’s surface. You’ll notice varied pile heights with the nubby, fuzzy look of a handmade rug – making this centerpiece the perfect combination of practical and playful.

All of our Back-To-School Style 101 area rugs are made of a proprietary yarn system that produces some of the softest fibers in the industry. In addition to incredible softness, these yarns ensure your rug remains colorfast – even in the sunniest of spaces. And, because life is messy, these area rugs offer stain-resistance and easy spot treatment for years of wonderful wear.

It’s easy to see that adding a new area rug to your child’s room makes a change fitting of the title, Back-To-Style. And, it is our sincerest hope, that your child’s revamped space inspires a year of industrious studies, good behavior and excellent grades. Just don’t bank on anything except a great looking room.