Collection Spotlight: ARIA

Monday, May 27, 2019
The Aria collection by Palmetto Living offers a traditional, vintage look and feel without fussy vintage care. 
Traditionalists rejoice! The Aria collection by Palmetto Living is a celebration of traditional area rug patterns – with a twist. Contemporary construction means you get the vintage look you love . . . without fussy vintage care.We achieve a vintage look with distressing across the face of the rug. This gives a nice “aged” appearance with a fabulous new rug smell. Because, let’s be honest, Nana’s old rug looks cool, but that doesn’t mean you want to carry the scent of mothballs, meatloaf and cigarettes home with you!

With the Aria collection from Palmetto Living – you get a been-in-the-family-for-generations look without any negative side effects, like weird care regimes.

The Aria collection was designed for real life. It stands up to regular vacuuming, resists pilling and can take spot cleaning like a champ. How? The fibers themselves are solution dyed.

This means the colors you see in the rug go all the way through each strand of yarn – ensuring colorfastness, even after Romeo spills his spaghetti and you break out the rug cleaner.

Unlike other rugs which are only dyed on the outside, the shades you see won’t wear or wipe off. So, go ahead and put a rug from the Aria collection under the dining room table! It can handle cleaning and so much more, including traffic.
Prometheus Lt BlueWoven of a supremely durable 2-ply polypropylene yarn, rugs in the Aria collection offer softness paired with stability. Thick and dense with a low pile height of 18mm – nearly 1-inch – Aria makes an outstanding choice for busy homes with lots of foot traffic.

You could even use these rugs in a professional setting, like waiting rooms or offices. The options are endless!  

The Aria collection has so much to offer. From vibrant colors and dependable durability to easy cleaning and a cool, vintage vibe, these gorgeous, traditional area rugs are a must for your next design or order.