In Praise of the 5x8

Wednesday, June 26, 2019
In various conversations, the talk always turns – after learning I work for a rug company - to choosing the right size rug for a room. Too often, homeowners feel intimidated about selecting an area rug for fear that the rug will be too big, too heavy, too small, too expensive and so forth. Rightfully so, I’ll add.

But to these concerns I reply, “You rarely go wrong with a 5-by.”

Adagio Arrowhead Light Blue

5x8 area rugs are homeowner home runs for a couple of reasons:
Adagio Tree Tracks IndigoFor ladies living alone or individuals with strength or mobility challenges, they’re lighter than other rugs. This means that transport is easy. Likewise, the city dweller with the 8th floor walk up won’t have to fret about making the turns and/or maneuvering solo.

Aria Ansley Green Homeowners don’t have to have a huge truck or SUV to get them home. Most 5xs will fit in a sedan – especially if your rear seats fold forward to make additional space in the trunk.  

Cotton Tail Harrington GreyBecause of the smaller size, 5-bys come with a smaller price tag, reducing the risk of buyers’ remorse and overspending.

Cloud 9 Zula Gray Moderate-sized area rugs offer style options that one large rug does not.

When you choose a 5x8 area rug, you’re able to use it almost anywhere.
  • In the living room, place it under the coffee table to create a conversation area – keeping the legs of the furniture off the outside edges of the rug.
  • If you desire a fuller look, double your 5x8 rugs. Choose a shaggier pile without a careful pattern - like something from our Cotton Tail or Cloud 9 collections - and place 2 5x8 rugs side-by-side. This fills your space as a 8x10, without the weight. Just fluff the pile between the two rugs to lessen the dividing line.
  • Create several vignettes within a larger space by grouping furniture around multiple 5x8 rugs.
  • In a cozy corner, place a 5x8 with a favored chair and small table to create a reading or hobby nook.
  • In the kitchen, a 5x8 area rug works well in front of patio doors and comforts feet in front of appliances and/or the sink.
  • In the bedroom, a 5x8 area rug creates a warm welcome for feet by the bed. Or, place it in your closet to create a more glamorous dressing area.
  • Layer a couple of different 5x8 patterns at angle to create a unique look and cover additional floor space.
  • For kids’ spaces, the 5x8 rug makes the perfect play space – leaving room for storage bins and other essentials around the outside edges.
  • Choose an indoor/outdoor version and place your 5x8 area rug under the porch swing or rocking chairs to create an inviting space for visiting with neighbors. Likewise, place a 5x8 in front of the door or just inside the foyer, to help capture dirt from shoes before people enter your home.

Aria Tree of Life Off-WhiteIt’s easy to see there are many options when it comes to the 5x8. You can use it as is, layer it with additional rugs set at an angle, or place your rugs side by side to create the look of a larger rug without the weight and transportation issues. And, thanks to the incredibly affordable price tag, you can replace rugs regularly to change and refresh your style as trends evolve.

Not too big.

Not too small.

Not too heavy.

Not too pricey.

The 5x8 is the Goldilocks of area rugs. It’s always just right.

Cloud 9 Zara Cream 
If you have a 5-by Palmetto Living by Orian area rug in your home, we want to see your style! #PalmettoLiving on your favorite social media channel.